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About Platonic

“We believe that every woman should be in love with herself. A love that inspires others”


When we talk about Jamila, we talk about bravery, entrepreneurship, style and strength. An example of an empowered and self-realized woman who has demonstrated through her story, her jewelry and her daily work; how it is achieved and above all, how it is enjoyed, self-realization.

Her purpose is to bring this mindset of empowerment to as many women as possible through Platonic, a brand that goes beyond the design of beautiful jewelry, delving into concepts that connect with its clients and their personal purposes.

In jewelry, we have found the perfect tool to empower, to be yourself. Jewelry transmits a personality and these are perfect for all those self-confident people who walk strong wherever they go.

We create jewelry with a concept that helps you tell who you are, to express your personality wherever you go, but our mission is not about
jewelry, if not women's.

“It's not about the jewelry, it's about you.”


It all starts with traveling, every year we travel to new and exotic places looking for inspiration, new precious stones and jewelry from other artisans around the world, which help us inspire to make our unique pieces in our workshop.

Our jewelry expert and certified gemologist selects jewelry that has that magic and power to reflect your story.

Our jewelry is based on deep philosophical concepts that we translate into pieces cared for down to the smallest detail. In this way, we want to help our clients use them as an object of self-expression, encouraging them to feel their essence, because we believe that that is where the true strength of each of the women is hidden. At Platonic Jewels, each piece of jewelry is handcrafted, creating an authentic piece that will last you forever. We are sure that we have the perfect jewel for you, which will make you shine every day and on the most special occasions.

“Our jewelry is loved by us first and then by the story that each client will build around it”